• Pick Up Older Women - 3 Steps to Get the Pumas You Want Posted by Admin on November 13, 2018

    Do you know what a puma is? It used to be a disparaging term for older women who pursued young men. In any case, it can be a derogatory term, yet today it is largely the title of any woman who needs to date a young man. These days, cougar dating destination is more typical, with many divorcees scouting around for younger partners. Or, then again, they may be looking for the kind of lonely love that a young person can give.

    Best to believe this, I know this kind of situation will remind you of the movie "the Graduate," in which an older woman seduces a young man (who thus becomes obsessed with "the lady's girl"). This romantic story tells the machinations of an older woman and how a young man caved in to her. It also shows how attractive an older woman can be.

    Dating older women is something most young men fantasize about. If you're anything like me, you've probably tried to say this blessing from heaven. However, it's not so easy to get an older lady crazy about you. Remember, an older young woman may have a lot of excess on her. She may have been hurt by her past. That means she is less approachable than most young women, so be careful.

    If you're pursuing an older woman, here are some tips to get her to notice you:

    1.Managerial power play
    One example relates to a woman's strategy. Older women may look more ordinary than you, but that doesn't mean she needs to control your relationship. Why did they do that? I think you can blame women half as much for their innate "maternal impulses," yet in general, older women fear they will be shown a good time.

    2.Indifference to age
    Age matters to her, not to you. We can all go on saying "age doesn't matter" until we're all blue in the face, but that doesn't change the way an older woman continues to think about it. How could she not? She may imagine that she's past her prime, and that you're just a hot chick who can't avoid sleeping with other women. Similarly, she may feel pressure for her appearance, as there is no money on the planet that can really keep her age hidden for a long time.

    3.Spoil her as a young girl
    In fact, some older women tend to take a maternal role in dating, feeling more responsible and thinking they should take care of you when they're older than you. But in fact, their hearts are eager to be pampered. Be mature at all times and let her feel pampered from time to time.

    If you can do the three points above, you'll soon be able to find your puma as joining a reputable senior dating site.