• Why Is It Right For Older Women Looking For Younger Men Posted by Admin on October 30, 2018

    Although the pattern has been growing since the women freedom movement in the 1970s, the phenomenon of older women looking for young men to socialize with does draw widespread attention from ordinary societies around the world through the sentimentality of celebrities.

    As we all know, Madonna married a man ten years her junior. Demi Moore married a man 15 years her junior and only two years older than her child. Different high-profile women, such as Julianne Moore and hale berry, follow the same pattern.

    As more and more superstars -- the cool symbols of our social order women who date and socialize with young men are suddenly seen as a dynamic front line. In 2003, a survey of 3,500 women aged 40 to 69 found that 34% had dated men at least 10 years younger.

    Is this a sound model anyway? Is it a good sign for older women to look for younger men in the long run? Conventional relationship wisdom says that when we choose a mate, we look for someone about five years younger than we are. Typically, men are asked to look for someone younger than themselves, while women are asked to look for someone older than themselves.

    The idea here is that there may be normal life goals and needs to be with someone who is closer to our age. The sexual charisma at the start of a relationship inevitably blurs power and shared life goals after a while, or is scarce in that regard, and results become more important. With a couple further apart in age, the underlying sexual attraction fades, the differences in life stages, and the resulting life design becomes well known.

    In any case, when we look more closely at the question, the age difference is really a teenage problem for a person. All things considered, when you're 19, people who are four years older than you, whether they're 15 or 23, are in an inestimable phase of their lives. Still, once we reach adulthood, the age difference of 10 years or more can be snuffed out by life encounter.

    Since it is particularly associated with older women looking for younger men, the age difference provides many potential points of interest for the two parties. For a free woman, her career is fixed, and men of our age are often intimidated or delayed by our lack of attachment to them. Young people may be in awe of our autonomy and education experiences. Having someone you can use your experience to help them through their own special life can itself be greatly enhanced.

    Therefore, we cannot say that it is wrong for older women to look for younger men, and that everyone has the right to pursue their own love regardless of age. That's why there are so many dating sites for senior singles.