4 traits an older woman likes in a man

It’s not uncommon for senior women to be attracted to younger men. Maybe it’s because she’s past the age to play and wants to settle down with someone. This may be because she had a successful career and sacrificed her personal life for her career. Whatever the reason, she’s looking for a young person who really wants to spend time with her – someone who can win her heart.

With that in mind, senior women want something in their partners.4 things senior single women want from young men:

An honest and frank person

Remember, all women like people who are honest, not to mention a senior woman who doesn’t want someone that play games with her. She wants an honest man who is not afraid to speak his mind. When an older woman is looking for a younger man to accompany her – perhaps as she grows older, she notices how honest he is. Does he always agree with everything she says? Does he seem to grovel to everything she wants or needs?

Interesting people

Senior women still like to have a little fun every once in a while. Many men as her age tend to do things in their own way, rather than taking risks. They also have a lot of responsibilities. For her, it’s not a matter of time passing, but time spent with someone she can connect with and entertain with. Again, she doesn’t want someone to spend all their time on things like role-playing games.

People who don’t play games

In most people’s eyes, young men are known players, which means they may go from one girl to another in a week. Some young men, however, are not, which is what senior women seek. They want someone more down to earth and willing to settle down as soon as possible.

Confident people

Senior older women tend to be more fashionable, and they are often attracted to younger men who take pride in their appearance. She’s often looking for a man who loves to workout, eats healthy, and keeps himself groomed regularly. An older woman doesn’t like to date young men who’d rather drink beer or sit on the couch playing games all day.

The little things are what attract senior women to younger men. Also, senior men tend to have wrinkles – something younger men have yet to develop.

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