How to start a conversation with an older woman online

According to statistics, more than 40 percent of women, regardless of their age, have experienced being contacted by men in a way that makes them uncomfortable. If you’re a senior single woman looking for love online, chances are really high that you’re in this situation.

If you’re a single man looking for love and you don’t want to be a creep, here are 6 great ways to start a conversation with a senior woman on the senior free dating site — one that she really enjoys.

1. Make her be caught off guard by a joke

This may be hard to achieve, but if you do it right, it will work wonders for you. We all know that making a woman laugh can do most of the drudgery. Tell a joke first, but don’t finish, arouse her curiosity. She will likely be prompted to guess the ending, then reply with her version, or she may ask, “What?” — What could be better than no answer?

2. Mention something special you read about in her profile

It could be a hobby she mentions in her profile, such as favorite books, bands or movies, or favorite food. It’s important to make sure she’s aware that you’ve read her profile and are interested in her. Another important thing is to use words like “you mentioned”, “good taste” and “noticed” when referring to something you are talking about.

3. Keep your subject matter and information short and accurate

The truth is that when a woman receives a message with a sloppy subject matter or an ambiguous message, she will think you are inattentive and will not bother to reply to you. Chances are, if she doesn’t like the subject matter and the introduction, she won’t even open up the message and read it at all.

Women like to use their own themes to get their message across, a study has shown. They also like the theme line to be no more than 30 characters long. The entire message should also generally be shorter than 200 characters, which is the ideal length.

4. Ask a question

There is nothing more successful in getting a response than a call to action. If you think about it, it makes sense. If you don’t ask at least one question throughout the message, why does she take the time to respond? Sentences do not chat.

5. Reflects her character

So, let’s suppose you want to talk about a romantic person – to be romantic, if she’s a very philosophical person – and try to be philosophical anyway.

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